Madame Keene's Ancient Art of Sackistry: A Beginner's Guide to Reading Ballsacks
PREVIEW | Paperback, 34 pages

Unlock the Ancient Secrets of Sackistry...

Traveling the globe, Madame Keen has had her hands full reading men's deepest secrets—secrets that can only be found through the divination of the ballsack.

From her own personal exploration of astrology, palmistry, dowsing and other psychic arts, Madame Keen has come to one conclusion.

You can read a man by one thing and one thing only: His ball sack.

Different Ball Sacks, Testicles and Grooming Types

What is Sackistry?

Sackistry is the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the ballsack. A modern branch of the age-old art of palmistry (or palm-reading), sackistry is also known by its formal title "oscheomancy," stemming from the Greek oscheo "scrotum" and mantreia "divinity."

There are very few who practice sackistry in its pure and ancient form, and those who do are generally called sackistrists, sackers, scrotal analysts or touchy-feely.

With a clear picture of your man's ballsack, you will have a better understanding of your man, your relationship with him and where it is all headed.

When used properly, this guide will save you loads of time wasted on needless small talk and waiting for more breadsticks at Olive Garden during cheap dates.

Fondle with a purpose, for it is your destiny! (And remember, it's all in the balls.)